Hang This Up On Your Fridge: How To Lose Weight Starting Now!

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Sure, most of us keep telling ourselves we need to lose weight, start a diet, stop eating all the junk and get to the gym at least once before our memberships expire…but how many of us actually do it? Let’s stop talking about losing weight and actually get down to the business of doing it! Don’t procrastinate any further; make the commitment to lose weight right now!

Want to lose weight? plan it out!

Set a workable schedule in place. Sit down and figure out all the things you need to do in a day, and add a healthy workout in there somehow. Make it a priority and make it work for your lifestyle. If you are not a morning person, hit the gym after work, but if you know you’re always tired out by five pm, get your workout in early. There are no two ways about it: you have got to find time to do this.

Get prepared, you can’t just jump in

Prep yourself. Go out and buy all the things you will need to meet your weight loss challenges. Get a new scale, cross-training sneakers, outfits, a juicer, renewed gym membership, etc. Invest in your efforts, commit to them and do everything you can to keep yourself in the weight loss game, otherwise, you just won’t lose.

Make your first goals obtainable

Set attainable goals for the near-future. Especially in the beginning, you’ve got to stay motivated so avoid goals that are just not reachable. Get yourself on track with a few pounds a week and a strong commitment to the long-haul. Mark your progress on the calendar or right on the refrigerator, do not cheat and do not try to lie to yourself either.

Do what works when looking for exercise

Find the best exercises for you personally. Some people don’t like crunches, others love to run and still others can’t stand the thought of working out in front of others. Whatever your style, whatever particular routine will suit you best, find it and stick to it. Back it up with the best tunes, environment and gear. Set yourself up for success with great intention, otherwise you just might not make it.

Write it down to be accountable with you weight loss

Keep a weight loss journal and fill it up. All kinds of people in every kind of role are held accountable for their actions by the written word and you should be no different. Just like a bank teller who must balance the figures at the end of the day, you must record what progress you’ve made throughout the day with your figure. Write down your calories and the commitment you kept toward exercise and then compare it to your weight loss later that week: how do you measure up? What changes do you need to make to see this through?

Document your weight loss progress!

A picture is worth a thousand calories! Before you dig your heels into your weight loss program, take a snapshot. A few weeks into your new lifestyle, take another one and compare the two. Wow! A few pounds gone and your face takes on an entirely different shape and you can see the new you emerging. Just a couple of weeks later and the difference will be enormous, so keep taking photos and keep with your program!

Putting it all together

Procrastination is truly an evil in life; it enables us to slack off in too many ways and for way too much time! Stop dreaming about your better body and start working toward it. Let healthy eating and exercising become a way of life for you and facilitate the positive changes you yearn for. Don’t put it off for another meal or heaping serving of dessert. What better time than right now to get started? Unless of course, you’d rather continue procrastinating…

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