About Me

Hello and thank you for visiting our site! The primary purpose of this site is to share knowledge about diets, nutrition and healthy living.

I want to take a moment to introduce myself, my name is Chip Hinde, and I have spent my whole life struggling to find ways to lose weight and lead a healthier lifestyle.

I know there are a lot of people out there like me that have been struggling for years with their weight. While I am not big on talking about myself, I hope my story and my journey will help others who have struggled to lose weight.

I want to share a little of my story:

I had always been a little heavier as a child, and struggled through my childhood and adolescence with dieting, exercise, and having the numbers on the scale shift up and down.

By my late twenties I had picked up a lot of extra weight, led a sedentary lifestyle, and was a heavy smoker. I had gotten married, and had two beautiful daughters. Having children, I realized I needed to improve my health, so I decided to quit smoking.

Slowly into my late thirties I kept packing on the pounds, and saw my blood pressure skyrocket as I tipped the scales at nearly 350 pounds. I was experiencing back pain, and it was hard to get around, let along exercise. I missed out on participating in activities with my daughters, and I was very depressed about my situation.

July of 2019 decided I needed to make a radical lifestyle change.

In just over a year I have lost over 160 pounds, had my blood pressure return to normal, and I am more active and have more energy than ever, and am finally enjoying my life with my wife and daughters.

I am excited to share many of the changes that worked for me, and look at programs, diets, recipes, and products that may help others who want to make a change in there life too. Remember to always consult your doctor too! I hope to hear from you, sign up for my newsletter for updates!

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