How Much Food Is The Right Amount?

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How Much Food Is The Right Amount? If you are overweight, you have either been eating too much or not exercising enough. This conclusion is hard to face, but necessary. When you sit down to a meal, are you thinking about what your body needs or about how much tasty food you can consume before you are full? Eating good food is a pleasure. That should not change. But you can reduce calories and still enjoy full, complete meals. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Check the charts to see how you measure up

Check charts for your height, build, age and activity level. They should give you a pretty good idea of how many calories you actually need each day. Then, in order to lose weight, you need to devise a plan that cuts this amount by 200 or 300 calories a day, yet still fulfills your needs. To do this, you will need to replace some foods with different ones. A good place to start is with all foods that contain a lot of fat, sugar or salt. These give a feeling of satisfaction that probably goes back to our caveman days, but they are not what we need now.

Lifestyle is very different now

Most of us are more sedentary than our forbears of even two generations ago. We can’t use the enormous amounts of calories burned by people who worked as farmers or coal miners or at other strenuous jobs. When we follow dietary habits handed down from earlier times, our bodies store those extra calories as fat. Before we can convince out bodies to give up that stored fat, we need to convince ourselves that we need less food and different foods. So, How Much Food Is The Right Amount?

Diversify where you get your food groups from

You need protein, but you can get it from low fat yogurt, lentils or a variety of other alternatives to fatty meats. Another thing you need fats, but substitute olive oil or grape seed oil for saturated fats. You need carbohydrates, but get them from fresh vegetables and fruits rather than starchy foods such as pasta and potatoes. Have your tried brown rice? It actually has a lot more flavor than white rice and is much better for you.

Change up your prep game for results

It may seem simple, but the long term way to win at weight loss is by these substitutions of one food for another. Also, the method of preparation is important. You can have chicken, but not fried chicken. You can have a baked potato, but not french fries.

Eliminating the foods notorious for making us fat is just the beginning. Begin exploring a much wider range of foods than you have eaten in the past. Supermarkets now stock an amazing range of fruits and vegetables. Are bananas the only fruit you regularly eat? Are green beans or peas your usual vegetable? Try some you have never eaten before. Extending your range in these foods will increase the variety of micro-nutrients in your diet, which experts are coming to see as crucial to good health. These foods are not fattening, but they provide essential substances that satisfy the body’s needs and therefore curb hunger.

Portion control is crucial as well, in addition to balancing all the vital food groups.

Putting it all together

How Much Food Is The Right Amount? It’s not always a simple answer. Get started on a satisfying new approach to food. Dieting does not have to mean suffering. Switching to lower calorie foods that are full of flavor and are satisfying can keep you healthy and avoid ever having to go on an extreme diet again.

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