How You Can Overcome a Sedentary Lifestyle

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Are you looking to overcome a sedentary lifestyle? If your life involves a job sitting at a desk 40 hours a week, sitting in your car an hour or two a day, and sitting in your favorite chair and watching television in the evening, you have probably put on some pounds. If your girth has been expanding, you may have made earnest efforts to lose weight. But if you find yourself just “treading water” in those efforts and your schedule just doesn’t allow for a lot of time on the treadmill, here are some tips to help you.

get up and get moving

Get up and get active with you regular tasks

There are a lot of little ways you can increase the amount of exercise you get each day, without reserving an hour at the gym. Instead of looking for the parking space closest to the store, park in the farthest space. Walk. Try walking to the mailbox. Walk around the block when you have 5 minutes. Mow the lawn yourself instead of asking your teenager to do it. These are just a few ideas. You can think of many more that fit into your own daily routine. If you do not live more than a mile from work, how about bicycling to work, at least 2 or 3 days a week?

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Start small, and build on your progress

The idea is to start small. As you increase your exercise level, you become capable of doing more. If you can get in a brisk one-mile walk each day, you will feel far more fit as well as seeing the extra pounds melt away. Replace that intimidating image of hours at the gym with simple, easy changes you can make in your daily routine. Replace the impossible with the possible.

Watch you goals grow

Once you get started, you will have an incentive to go further. You can do exercises lifting 1 or 2 pound weights even while watching TV. Make your dog happy by taking him for a really long walk. Tackle some of that clean up and trimming in your yard that you have been meaning to do. Once you learn to enjoy exercise, you may even want to sign up at the gym!

standing desk

Why not try a standing desk at work?

If possible, work standing at your desk for some time. Keep wooden rollers that stimulate your feet under your desk. When you stand up to go somewhere, take a minute to flex your calf and foot muscles by going up and down on your toes, before you walk away from your desk. Some enlightened employers now offer an exercise room for their workers. If this is available, split your lunch hour and make one half eating time and one half exercise time. If not, you can always walk a lap or two around the parking lot on your break or lunch hour.


You can overcome a sedentary lifestyle one step at a time

So, you can see from these tips that it is really not impossible to fit exercise into your day, no matter how sedentary your job, and no matter how busy you are. Put these tips into practice, combined with a healthier and lower calorie diet, and you can succeed at weight loss.

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