Is the Viral TikTok “Weight Loss Dance” Safe For You?

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The latest trend that is all over the internet is the viral Weight Loss Dance on TikTok. For instance, social media is flooded with trends and fads. Some are great workout programs and some have been questionable. With any new exercise routine, we look for something that is developed by a physical fitness professional or expert. Nowadays you can just broadcast just about anything through social media, we need to ask: is this safe?

What do the professionals say?

There has been great controversy among health professionals about where we are getting our weight loss information from. Lately people have taken up the reigns to develop their own exercise routines and publishing them online. This is rather alarming, given that some activities they prescribe can be dangerous if not done correctly. It would seem that TikTok now has become the preferred avenue for questionable exercise guidance and nutrition advice.

What is the issue with the weight loss dance?

The real concern about Weight loss dance is that they are just short one minute videos. They look both ridiculous and fun. Really nothing special. However, there are false claims of burning belly fat. These are just not true have not basis of fact, and could be dangerous.

The reality is that you cannot target just belly fat. What a healthy exercise program looks like is an overall process that looks at long term health goals. There are several exercise programs that do deliver that, however they are not on TikToc. Bodyweight Burn is one program that is developed by specialists, learn more about it here.

What is really going on with TikTok’s weight loss dance?

What appears to be happening is the that weight loss dance is prompting the trend by utilizing the dancer’s small size. This is no more than a PR, attention getting video. If they had intended to provide a meaningful exercise routine, it would be one that has real benefits for those individuals looking to make a positive change in their lives.

What should you do?

If you want to lose weight the safe way, doing so takes a change of lifestyle and exercises program that work. There are no quick fixes, or substitute for healthy nutrition, activity, and time. Please remember to consult your doctor before starting any new exercise program.

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