Learn How to Relieve Your Stress With Music

Stress relief
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Bach, Beethoven and Brahms are the three Bs that can relieve your stress.  Composers of a long-ago age are reaching out and annihilating stress in people they’ve never met. Sounds like something from the twilight zone, doesn’t it?

Actually, it’s not. Bach, Beethoven and Brahms were composers of classical music. Classical music appeals to some of your senses.  It produces calming tones from instruments like violins, pianos, guitars and flutes.

What makes music calming?

It lacks the drum-laden music some tunes contain today. While rock and roll might perk you up in the morning, a calming mixture of classical music can help lull you to sleep at night.

What music helps you relieve stress?

But not everyone is a fan of classical music. They can get the same effect from other types of music that they’re more accustomed to, like the sounds of nature.  If you visit any high-end spa in your local town, chances are your brow wax or facial will be set to the tune of relaxing sounds that help relax you and remove the stress from the environment. 

What happens when you are less stressed out?

Studies show that softer, relaxing music will lower your stress levels and allow you to handle situations better.  Doctor’s offices can be a stressful atmosphere if you’re sitting in the waiting room, so physicians have classical music stations preparing you for your visit.

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Where else can you find examples of relaxed atmospheres?

Elevators are enclosed spaces and can easily cause a person to become stressed by the crowded enclosure, so they routinely have calming music flowing in them to help you relax during the short ride.

Supermarkets want their customers to buy more products, so they provide them with stress-less music to keep them calm and in the buying mood. Restaurants do it to keep you coming back.

Relieving your stress with music might be natural

What started out as a heartbeat from our mother’s womb evolved into a personal preference for musical beats that we find relaxes us.  It’s a physiological reaction when we find a tune that increases serotonin levels and helps us engage in deep breathing.

Even quiet music can be soothing

You don’t have to have the music loud for it to be effective.  Your subconscious mind can pick up on subtle sounds that help alleviate stress during the most chaotic times of your life.

What is the ultimate goal for stress relief?

Your heartbeat will slow down and your overall mental and physical health will improve.  To make the most of your music therapy, try to listen to a relaxing sound for at least 20 minutes a day while sitting or lying down in a comfortable position.

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