Losing Weight As A Diabetic, What You Need To Know

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Losing weight as a diabetic is difficult when you are living with an incredibly dangerous condition. Losing weight is an essential part of any treatment regimen or lifestyle. Not only will a lower physical weight help you keep your blood sugar levels in check, it might just add years back to your lifespan! The following blog post is full of tips you can use to control your diabetic weight.

Always check with your doctor, even if you don’t have diabetes

Consult your physician before you embark on any weight loss plan. Your doctor will never tell you that you should not try and lose weight, but you have to be careful on two fronts. There are certain foods and diets that you need to avoid as a diabetic. Also, there are exercise types and intensities that you need to avoid starting out. Get your physician’s blessing on the specific steps you are going to take, lest you hurt yourself.

Everything changes in how you body regulates

Have your blood sugar levels tested regularly as your weight goes down. Since your body is changing, your body chemistry is going to change too, including blood sugar levels. With luck, they are stabilizing, which happens when you lose fat and build muscle. However, it is possible for them to get so out of whack from rapid weight loss that you are in temporary jeopardy. Keep an eye on things.

Watch your carbohydrate intake

Restrict your simple carbs. These just turn to sugar in your stomach, and then float in your blood as sugar before maybe being stored as fat. Complex carbs are far safer, although they are still carbs. They take longer to digest. Consult with a diabetic-trained nutritionist to learn which carbs fall in each category.

Ditch the unhealth drinks!

Give up soda and diet soda both. Regular soda is just pure calories that have no nutritional content and will spike your blood sugar. Diet soda is in some ways worse. The artificial sweeteners in there, like aspartame, trick the body into thinking that calories came through even when they didn’t. This wreaks havoc on your internal chemistry and makes you hungrier. Some research actually indicates that diet soda drinkers weigh more than regular soda consumers!

Get out and do low impact exercise like walking

Even though you need to wait for a visit to your doctor to start particular exercises and regimens, you can start walking. Go out for a 20 minute walk everyday, even on the weekend days. Walking builds some muscle and calms you down a lot. The sunlight and time outdoors is always a mood lifter, and even this light level of exercise can have a profound impact on your metabolism.

Losing weight as a diabetic is not easy, it just takes time

Diabetes is a condition that creates the potential for severe health issues. It is imperative that you get to a healthy level of body weight. You need this so that your body is able to process food and especially sugars far more efficiently and effectively. Not only is your overall health affected, but also how long you will live and what kind of lifestyle you can realistically expect in your years ahead. Use the ideas presented in this article to get your diabetic body to a healthy weight level.

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