Sugar Free Drinks You Should Try Right Away

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Sugar Free Drinks Don’t Need to be Tasteless

Don’t you just hate it when you ask for a sugar free drink in a bar or restaurant and all they’ve got to offer is diet soda or water? There really are not a lot of sugar free drinks out there.

One of the biggest obstacles to losing weight has to be finding ways to cut or eliminate sugar. I had found ways to change my diet to lose weight, but there sugar was a hard habit to break. I have given up sugary sodas, sweet tea, flavored coffee, everything, But that has left me with nothing but a few bland options.

A Word of Caution

Diet sodas are an option when it comes to sugar free drinks. However there has been a lot of research that shows that diet soda’s artificial sweeteners are not the best thing for you, and also can actually cause you to end up not being satisfied, which can result in consuming more sugar and calories. You can read more the study in the New York Times here. Like anything, diet soda is likely okay in moderation, but you can never go wrong with water.

Fruit Juice? Healthy, But Not Sugar Free

A healthy option you think would be pure fruit juice – “Well, that’s sugar free – isn’t it?” No it isn’t – the sugar that occurs naturally in fruit juice is very high and that will play havoc with your blood sugar levels.

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Sugar Free Drink Options

If you are fed up of the standard soda option, here are some ideas for mixing up the different sugar free drinks that are available and you might like to try these alternatives to ‘just soda’.

Diet Cola and Tonic Water

1) One option is to mix a diet cola and diet tonic water in the same glass. Then add some ice and lemon. The mixture gives a slightly sharper taste and it makes a very long and refreshing drink.

sparkling orange juice

Sparkling Fruit Juice

2) Another is splitting a pure orange fruit juice (you could also try pineapple or tomato juice) with a friend and add sparkling water to my half of the juice. You could also try mixing your juice with diet tonic water.

Pineapple Slushy to Make at Home

3) If you want to make a refreshing drink at home, this pineapple slushy will hit your dry spot:

Take 1 can sugar-free ginger ale, add 1/4 cup of unsweetened pineapple juice and ice cubes.

Place in a blender and blend until the ice-cubes are crushed and you get a slushy mixture.

An Adult Option

Why not experiment with other unsweetened fruit juices? And, if you want a little bit more of a kick, you could add rum extract to give it more flavor. However, be warned, alcohol will not help with losing weight.

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I Would Love to Hear Your Sugar Free Ideas!

If you have any more ideas or recipes for sugar free drink, comment below, I would really love to hear about them to share with everyone.

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