What is the deal with Carbohydrates?

Carbohydrates are normally found in all foods except meat products. Recently, some diets have recommended stripping out all carbohydrates from what you eat. Many companies have bought into this and among other things, have introduced low-carb breads. Limiting bad carbohydrates such as sugar from your diet is a positive step but going further and refusing Continue reading

You Need to Try These Mood Enhancing Vitamins

Mood enhancing vitamins are a real thing, and can often be a great supplement to go a long way to help ward off feeling the blues. Depression can affect anyone – and it usually will to some degree throughout life.  It brings with it negative thoughts from worthlessness to guilt to inadequacy.  It can also Continue reading

Some Health Benefits of Elderberries You Need to Know

Some of Elderberries amazing health benefits include helping with digestion, improved breathing, a boost to your immunity, help controlling diabetes, improving cardiovascular health, and promoting weight loss. Elderberries could possibly even help prevent cancer and can slow the aging process. But what are elderberries? Elderberry is also commonly known as elderflower or elder, and is Continue reading

Positive Effects Pets Can Have on Your Health Right Now

Pets are so important in our lives. When you become one of the proud pet owners of the world, you join a group of individuals who enjoy health benefits non-pet owners don’t have access to.  Even the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) sound off about the health benefits of pets! Pets are the best companions Continue reading

Which Foods Are Putting Your Health At The Most Risk?

Is what you are eating putting your health in danger? Food (and water) is the absolute first thing you need to ensure life. Without it you would wither away and die. You need food for its nutrition and for its sustenance. But are the foods you consume today supplying you with good solid nutrition, or Continue reading